Saturday, 25 November 2017

Triptych of Saint-Tropez

Triptych of Saint-Tropez (triptyque de Saint-Tropez)

triptyque de Saint-Tropez

Triptyque de Saint-Tropez

This beautiful triptych of Saint-Tropez (Triptyque de Saint-Tropez) is an exclusive souvenir and gift that we propose you for an exceptional price. For more information you can send a message on our Facebookpage or our website World-of-Saint-Tropez.
This limited triptych of Saint-Tropez is printed on plexiglass glass and the sizes are 3 x 900 x 400 mm., with mounted suspension system.  

Sending the triptych from Saint-Tropez to the rest of the world is for free in Europe, other country's contact us first please.
With this triptych Saint-Tropez is always in your home.

More beautiful images of Saint-Tropez you can find on our Facebook or on this site.

Pictures of Saint-Tropez

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