Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The candles of Saint-Tropez

Les bougies de Saint-Tropez

La Bougie de Saint-tropez

La Bougie de Saint-tropez

The Candles of Saint-Tropez

The Candles of Saint-Tropez

Les bougies de Saint-tropez

Famous people everywhere with a candle of Saint-Tropez

You can find "The Candles of Saint-Tropez" everywhere around the world, and of cours you can buy them in Saint-Tropez, in front of the church.

It's a must have souvenir of Saint-Tropez, and there is more...

If you buy a candle of Saint-Tropez, before you give it a place, you do a wish, then you take a picture and send it to us (see website), and your wish become true ;-)

Several people were there before you, as Johnny Hallyday, and there was even a candle in space !

A must visit !

More information about the summer 2018 every day.

Have a nice day !

Enjoy this pictures of Saint-Tropez.

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Pictures of Saint-Tropez
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More pics on FineArtAmerica or Facebook.
Visit the site of photographer Tom Vandenhende


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